SavMe Business

When emergency situations happen in big corporations, it might take help some time to arrive because the corporation might be located far from cities (example oil and gas companies). In such case it is wise that the corporation has its own emergency solution where first aid can come from a trained staff from within the company. In this case the caller app can be installed on mobile devices of the employees and server side can be handled by a trained staff from within the company who will be able to answer emergency calls from their browsers or tablets and arrange it with any security or trained physician within the corporation.

SavMe Business is also suitable for security companies which might be willing to offer an advanced technological solution along with their security package. In this case SavMe Business will allow for smooth and better communication between employees (the client company hiring the security company) and security professionals and help foster the relations and improve the overall reaction time and service.

The offered solution is customizable, brandable and compatible with wide range of handsets.

Through this solution corporate encourages BYOD behavior as the solution will be installed on employees handsets and that saves the company lot of extra costs. The solution automatically notifies nearby employees who can provide first aid until experts arrive.

Corporate can update all the time employees’ medical histories and insurance information (It can be benefited from colored emergency cards to get full picture of employee's’ medical status i.e. red: severe allergies and medical devices - yellow: taking medicine - green: good to go).

SavMe Business can be installed locally within corporate physical location so that it will be running even when there’s no internet connectivity (suitable if corporate is in a far place and internet connection is not always at its best).