"The global standard for making an emergency call". This phrase summarize the company vision, as we would not like just to change the methods people and ER agencies are handling any emergency situation, we are actually on the road to achieve it.

Everyone handling emergency issues the same way since the invention of 911 call in 1876, when the speaker of the house of Alabamadirected the U.S Rep from the Haleyville city hall. Nevertheless, it is now the time to change that way to a more reliable, efficient, directed way.

Here comes "SavMe", as it is the new standard that everyone will follow when handling an emergency situation. No more delay reply, no more slow-speed answer, no more misuse of 911 number, no more life at risk. SavMe ensures that it is the new standard that won't just change your perspective but also will change your life.


To provide the public with the best caller experience by incorporating the latest technology available to assist in an emergency situation.

Using themobile technology which was misused/underused for a long time; for enhancing theemergency call experience, delivering the most adequate information that will be handy to save a life or elevate the danger on someone, keeping you in touch with your loved ones and know their ER situation once it happens, getting help relating to day-to-day issues, such as when you are in need for personal advice from an expert, legal advice, or even getting help for your sick pet. Adding, gettingservices from service companies that have absolutely something you would be interested in.


This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Terry Crospy

  • Mentor and Investor at SavMe, Mentor and Investor at FasterCapital. Studied at University of Maryland College Park.
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Hamed Dallal

  • Advisor at SavMe, Regional Lead and Mentor at FasterCapital. Studied at University of Drexel University.
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