911 with latest technology

One-click process Live/non-live broadcast for emergency situations Send locations and direction (compass). Share medical history


Automatically notify family & friends
about emergency case
Enable them to watch the video broadcast
live or stored

Integration with other emergency agencies

Share live/non-live caller’s broadcast Share caller’s location and medical history. Operator can dispatch request to any
emergency agencies.

Full Solution

Replace old call centers Operator solution through web:
accessible from any browser.
No need to install software Works on laptop or desktop (PC or MAC). Clients solution through smartphones
and tablets (application or widget).

Low cost 911

No need for dedicated hardware or
costy solutions
No need for call center Multiple responder system all on computers Supports Android and iPhone platforms

911 on the move

suitable for rural or distant areas. Suitable for small communities. Operator can receive calls on his tablet on the go One way direct call from caller to operator. Affordable solution instead of installing
an emergency call center

The new global standard to get emergency help instantly!

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The main goal of technology is to provide better service to the community and better standard of living. The Emergency sector is not using smartphones to their full potential. We are talking mainly about 911 service and how they are handled. 911 emergency calls are handled the same way for more than 40 years. Although people are now holding smartphones but we are still doing 911 call the same way as generation earlier. Our goal is to improve emergency services by using features of smartphones to improve the quality of services, save lives and improve reaction of the helper.


Emergency situations always happen in life, some accidents happen in a fraction of a second and they need quick professional reactions. The acceleration of events might make the caller afraid, unfocused or unprepared; beside many other psychological side-effects accumulate as the caller faces the situation alone.
Sometimes the caller is a witness for a crime who needs to record the facts, or simply has to provide first aid to other people (CPR,stop bleeding nose,.....).

Current Issues

The first natural reaction for anybody in emergency situation is to call 911. We would like to improve the calling mechanism by using features of smartphones. We believe that the way emergency calls are serviced nowadays has multiple issues which are:

  • Operator has to take time in documenting information from the caller. This might take considerable and valuable time and doesn’t help in reacting to the situation quickly.
  • Loss of situation description if phone gets damaged or its battery dies during the call.
  • Difficulty in locating the caller accurately.
  • In many cases shocked people become speechless and unable to report the situation in details (thus they might be using video conferencing to show the operator what they are seeing)
  • bad description make it difficult for the operator to understand the situations.
  • Misuse and abuse of calling 911 centers oblige operators to take extra time to verify the authenticity of the caller.
  • Loss of information when dispatcher report the problem back to other emergency agencies (fire fighters, police)
  • Delay in reporting back to other emergency agencies because they are not directly connected to the caller
  • Loved ones can’t be notified immediately about any accident.
  • Sometimes and due to coverage problems 911 service might not work well in remote areas.

Our Solution

We present you a solution to all of these problems above which consists of server/client components. The server component is accessible from any web browser and allow the operator to answer emergency calls. The client is a smartphone app that can allow direct video/audio call with the operator. SavMe App allows caller to ask for help with one click. With one-click process, caller connect immediately to an emergency operator and the mobile app will send all his/her personal information directly to the operator- so there’s no more wasted time in filling forms about the caller on operator side-and operator can focus on the situation and the authenticity of the caller.
As these personal information just display on operator screen, caller medical history show up as well, in order to help the operator react faster. In addition, caller’s location and compass are automatically sent to reflect his/her location on operator’s map (this feature is essential when multiple persons are reporting one accident).
Once caller pushes SavMe button, caller’s smartphone camera turns on allowing him/her to broadcast a live video for the surrounding environment to the operator using any camera on his/her phone.. Both caller and operator can see and hear each other or it can be one-way as the caller desires (in this option, the operator is solely able to watch the caller but still both can hear each other). This specific feature is so much important in helping operator/dispatcher analyzing the situation to reach best decision. This is also essential feature if someone is witnessing a crime or in emergency case where he/she is unable to react because of lack of training.
Caller can even broadcast his/her video even before an operator joins the call (operator can later view the recorded part before joining the call). This option is suitable for critical emergency situation where timing is important to save lives.
SavMe notifies loved ones (friends/close relative), as it sends them caller location and shares live broadcast for the emergency situation. Loved-Ones can also watch the emergency video later if they were unable to join the event in real-time.
SavMe allows other emergency agencies to watch live/non-live broadcast of the emergency situation, and sends caller’s personal information, medical history and insurance information.

SavMe Advantages

As technology takes a huge part of our life and many of our daily actions depend on it, it’s so obviously that we should benefit from it in emergency situations. SavMe app use the latest smartphone technologies (camera, GPS location, compass,... etc) to help caller and operator deal with the situation at hand quickly and efficiently.
Once personal information displayed on operator screen, caller medical history appears as well, in order to help the operator react faster. SavMe provides operator with colored emergency cards reflecting caller medical status (red: severe allergies and medical devices - yellow: taking medicine - green: good to go).
SavMe has taken the need of mute people into account, as it allows them to text or video record what is happening to the operator. This feature is also essential if the person is unable to speak because of a danger that might occur to him/her, or when he/she becomes speechless and unable to describe the situation.
Video conferencing allows operator to understand the situation at hand and how to react to it correctly (a picture is worth a thousand words). Operator can also give directions on how to provide first aid to other parties involved.