• What is SavMe?

    A global platform to get emergency help instantly.
  • Why SavMe?

    Because it's an advanced application using the latest smartphone technologies in providing help instead of calling 911
  • How does the SavMe Mobile App works in life-threatening situations?

    It is a one-click process. You launch the app, click one button and we will do the rest for you.
  • What is the one-click process?

    It will do the following simultaneously:
    • 1- Contact immediately with emergency operator.
    • 2- Turn on the phone's audio and video functions to record the surrounding environment as it will be broadcasting to emergency operator.
    • 3- Send automatically your accurate location to operator.
    • 4- Notify your emergency contacts (Friends/close relatives) as they are sharing your broadcast and locations.
  • What's the most problem with calling 911?

    It will do the following simultaneously:
    • 1) Operator takes too long time to document caller personal information.
    • 2) Loss of situation description if phone gets damaged or its battery dies.
    • 3) Difficulty in locating the caller accurately.
    • 4) In many cases shocked people become speechless and unable to report the situation in details
    • 5) bad description make it difficult for the operator to understand the situations.
    • 6) misuse and abuse of calling 911 center.
    • 7) Loss of information when dispatcher report the problem back to emergency agencies (fire fighters, police)
    • 8) Delay in reporting back to emergency agencies because they are not directly connected to the caller
    • 9) Loved Ones can’t be notified immediately about any emergency
    • 10) 911 doesn’t work in remote areas.
  • What are SavMe advantages?

    • 1) Ability to text for situations where verbal communications is prohibited.
    • 2) Helps mute people to report their emergency case visually or by sending texts.
    • 3) Helps shocked people in shooting the scene as they might become speechless.
    • 4) Allows witness to record the emergency case and share the video with emergency agencies.
    • 5) Helps a professional operator in offering first aid.
    • 6) Decreases psychological side-effects as the caller doesn't face the emergency situation alone.
  • What is SavMe Government?

    It is an innovative, attractive, affordable solution targeted for governments and large cities as it is suitable for rural and distant areas where installing an emergency calling center is very expensive.
  • What are SavMe Government advantages?

    • 1) increases emergency agencies collaboration.
    • 2) Assists operator supervisors to director emergency departments more effectively as they can count numbers of missed-call, holding call...
    • 3) Updates citizens’ medical histories and insurance information.
    • 4) allows to save videos for further analysis/ inspections/ evidence.
  • What does SavMe Business provide?

    It provides a customized,branded and company-owned emergency calling center.
  • Who will be using SavMe Business?

    The solution is targeted for oil & gas corporate,hospitals, mining factories, security companies, nuclear factories and other remote corporate.
  • How can SavMe business benefit corporate?

    • 1) It is backed by a patent
    • 2) Encourages BYOD behaviour.
    • 3) Notifies near employees to provide first aid while experts arrive.
    • 4) Assists in notifying destructive actions.
    • 5) Saves and updates employees' medical histories and insurance information.
    • 6) Updates employees' locations.
    • 7) Saves broadcast in corporate records.
  • What is the most SavMe On-The-Go strength point?

    Operator is always on the move and take emergency calls from his tablet.
  • Who can SavMe Portable assist?

    It assists non-government organization and volunteers in rural areas. It's a quick to install solution, doesn't require advanced hardware. It doesn't require mobile network coverage or internet connection. It can be installed locally and rely on cheap wifi broadcasters/repeaters to cover a wide range area.
  • How can SavMe Geohelp provide help in non-threatening situation?

    By notifying loved ones and allows caller to chat with them.
  • What are SavMe Geohelp Features?

    • 1) sharing caller location with loved ones
    • 2) provide the caller with directions and phone numbers of emergency agencies (hospitals, pharmacies, police station,...).
  • How does SavMe External Help work?

    It match user with RSP (Registered Service Provider) based on data entered and time availability.
  • Who is an RSP?

    A verified vendor committed to provide non-life threatening emergency services within a time deliverable.
  • What does SavMe external Help provide?

    External help service by 3rd party providers such as legal advice, tax advice or even personal situation like on a date.
  • What are SavMe External Help features?

    • 1) Assists pet owners in their animal emergency cases as they are able to contact with veterinarians and find pet shops' location on the map.
    • 2) Allows external service companies to present their services (automobile service, home maintenance services, TV cables service...
  • What to expect from SavMe external Help?

    Immediate assistance, professional consultation from experts and advisors in non-emergency situations.
  • What are SavMe's monetization models?

    We have 3 revenue models.
    Core Emergency Services (CES) are for life-threatening emergency situations. The platform targets entities with their own emergency response team to interact with SavMe users in an emergency situation.
    Registered Service Providers (RSP) are for non-life threatening emergency situations. The platform targets qualified entities and individuals to provide professional help within a committed time deliverable.
    Application Programming Interface (API) subscribers.To learn more, contact us here.
  • What to expect from SavMe?

    We challenge the status quo, even if it means to disrupt ourselves!