SavMe External Help

Person faces all the time non-threatening situations which need for interference by experts as s/he needs for professional consultation or simple advice for daily issues such as; legal advice, tax advice or even other personal situation like on a date!!!!

app matches user with a Registered Service Providers (RSP) based on data entered and time availabilities; this means no more calling providers individually to see if they are available based on the user’s time preferences.

SavMe as well allows 3rd external providers to offer professional assistance and allows external service companies to present their services like automobile service, home maintenance service, TV cable service,..... etc

Further than that, Owner pets can get help with their animals’ emergency cases as they are able to contact to veterinarian and find pet shops’ location on the map.

RSP is a verified vendor committed to provide non-life threatening emergency services within a time deliverable.

1- RSPs credentials are verified
2- RSPs have a time commitment on service deliverables
3- View RSP's credentials and external links (e.g.. Yelp rating, LinkedIn profile)
4- View RSPs ratings created by other SavMe users